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Wish I had more vocal range & power ! 
Wish I was more consistent.
Wish I could play guitar  and sing.
Wish I could audition with confidence.

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-Gifted Instructors Who Motivate
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Music  Instruction  for ...
Congratulations to our students!
       All American Girl 2003 Winner
                  Jessica Felice

          American Idol " Juniors" 2003
                  Kearstin Clark

           Miss Ohio 2002
             Natalie Witwer

   Star Search Grand Prize Winner 1990
                      Chad Mullins   

    Recording Artist -  Dwight Lenox           
•  Voice    •  Singing  •  Performance

•  Acting  •   Guitar   •  Songwriting

CONTACT: 890 5675  or munkascy@gmail.com
CColumbus Ohio
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