• Voice/ Singing         •   Performance           •       Guitar 
  • Musical Theater        •  Acting                     •   Songwriting  
WCA offers a wide variety of music and drama instruction:
•    Increase vocal range more than 2 octaves                          
•    Promote richer fuller tones 
•    Generate vocal power & energy
•    Produce crystal clear diction
•    Create consistency of tone & pitch both bottom & top                       registers.

  WCA offers that Extra Element !     
  ' Drama '
We are open year around and accept students at any time, for half-hour to hour time slots. Our studios are spacious, comfortable and state of the art.  Whether you're 6 or 60, a beginner or a pro...we create a student-driven curriculum and set of goals that focus on your needs.  We "specializing in the total person."   tailoring lessons for age, style, comfort level and uniqueness of each individual.  
Vocal Experience an amazing awareness through private or vocal group lessons. Understand the vocal instrument, how it functions, how powerful    and versatile it can be.  Conquer your stagefright; awkwardness;  stiffness.   We start with an innovative creative technique used by the "Best of the Best" called the Voice Production Concept (VPC).  VPC is a must for singers, actors or anyone who uses their voice from beginner to professional.
Why is VPC successful?
IIt emphasizes a balance between physical, mental, emotional and creative components of your body resulting in a free, natural, healthy production of the voice.
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VPC          can...
Who Benefits?
Everyone...any to advanced.
Guitar - instruction for acoustic or electric is energized, creative and fun..  Learn to chords, lead riffs, picking and fingering techniques appropriate for success in all styles.  Plus add vocals or performance to your game...anytime!

Acting - A powerful component for stage presence and everyday life...
Communicate better...Interpret and Express emotions...Build confidence, characterization, creativity.  Lessons focus on projecting and freeing up physical inhibitions, both body and voice...producing a natural approach
that bring characters, words, dialogue or lyrics to "Life". 
Apply  it to monologues, audition preparation, or to improve social and business skills.

We have helped thousands of singers, actors, and performers "Dramatize" their performance.
This completes the "total experience" of entertaining, engaging and energizing your audience.

Custom Lessons and Workshops
    Vocalists, Bands. Groups, Worship Teams                    preparing for those special needs...
* projects * performance * recordings * auditions *
                           Columbus Ohio